We are the Leader In the Industry

Riif's Projects is a 100% black owned diversied Engineering, Mining and Construction Company founded in 2016..
The main aim of the company is to provide a one-stop shop for engineering services on projects or sections of a projects that may not ideally handled by larger well known companies. We will provide complete services or individual packages from design to fabrication of projects and plant maintenance. We also aim to offer draughting services to companies that might be running short of designers or are going through a temporary work surge, which would not justify increasing staff capacity.

5 years of experience

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality services. We are committed to meeting our customers' needs with integrity, reliability, and efficiency.

Our Vision

To be the servicer of choice in the South Africa by exceeding customer expectations in service, quality, and value.

Our Strategies

INTEGRITY : Making only agreements we are willing, able, and intend to keep. Looking to the system for correcting, proposing all possible solutions if something is not working.
FRIENDLINESS : Always cordial and polite. Laughter, we value laughter.
KNOWLEDGE : Knowledge is critical for growth and improvement.

Work Done / Experience

The team has worked on multidiscipline projects under various consulting engineering
companies. We treat all projects as condential and all design concepts and solutions remain their property. This work has given the team exposure to various different elds and different parts of the world. The Company will endeavor to handle any project of any size within reasonable time limits set by the client.
In the team, the least experienced designer has 8 years experience. The team members have worked in mining, industrial, petro-chem and almost any other engineering eld that is available.
Since requirements differ from projects to project, we will be willing to discuss your requirements and advise you accordingly. Riifs Projects believes in honesty, Transparency and integrity thus we will not take chances with something that we are not sure of. WE WILL ACCEPT WORK THAT WE CAN HANDLE.

If you need any steelworks solution, please contact us